Amina Laraki Slaoui

Groupe AMH

Groupe AMH works in five interrelated areas to rehabilitate and reintegrate vulnerable people back into society: health, social services, vocational training, enterprise development and lobbying.

Focus: Health
Geographic Area of Impact: Morocco
Model: Social Business
Number of Direct Beneficiaries: 25,000 (cumulative)
Annual Budget: USD 2.3 million (2013)
Percentage Earned Revenue: 88% (2013)

The Social Problem
Morocco has little support or government assistance for people living with disabilities. Almost 10% of the population is physically impaired, whilst 78% of those of working age that are disabled are unemployed. Moreover, until the creation of the Noor Centre in 2001, there was no facility in Morocco where disabled or injured people could seek treatment.

Innovation and Activities
Groupe AMH’s Noor Centre for re-education in Casablanca offers rehabilitative services to up to 1400 patients a year, including physiotherapy, speech, occupational and psychotherapy, as well as fitting of prostheses and wheelchairs. 30% of the patients are low-income and benefit from up to 20-80% price discounts through Groupe AMH insurance, while 70% of patients who have the means to pay help the Noor Centre achieve financial sustainability. The Noor Centre continually works with the largest insurers in Morocco to negotiate favourable illness and work accident policies to enable them to lower costs further.

To complement these rehabilitative services, Groupe AMH sells a range of life-enhancing products for people with disabilities. Through social services, the organization facilitates legal and administrative claims of their patients. Through employment services, Groupe AMH helps patients apply for appropriate jobs and works with companies to educate them about managing a disabled workforce, resulting in 30 jobs for handicapped persons per year. Through educational advocacy, Groupe AMH provides tools to public schools to become handicapped accessible, directly resulting in 60 handicapped children returning to education system annually.

Through Groupe AMH’s enterprise services, they are creating revenue-generating enterprises under the Groupe AMH umbrella. For example, Anamil employs four disabled women who produce 300 uniforms a month for surgeons, doctors, and nurses. To address the critical lack of qualified personnel in the re-education sector, Groupe AMH created a Paramedic Training Center, which is to opened its doors in 2015 and is the only professional development institution in Morocco training psychotherapists and nurses specialized in rehabilitation.

Groupe AMH aims at raising public and private awareness on the disability issue through a constant networking strategy with local and international NGO. Groupe AMH has plans underway to open a second Noor Centre and 5 rehab centres within the next five years.

The Entrepreneur
Amina Slaoui received her educational training in France. A mother of four, she was a successful communications executive when a tragic accident left her wheelchair bound. Due to her financial means, she was able to seek excellent care and physiotherapy abroad, but when she returned to Morocco she was distraught by the lack of care for Moroccans who suffered similar circumstances but did not have comparable means. This inspired her to create the Groupe AMH, for which she has received many awards including the Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur in 2006. She also sits on the boards of several associations fighting for the human rights.