Christie Peacock

Sidai Africa
United Kingdom

Sidai Africa operates in the livestock sector in Kenya, and aims to improve the provision of livestock and veterinary services to pastoralists and farmers by creating a more sustainable service delivery model.
Focus: Agriculture
Geographic Area of Impact: Kenya
Model: Hybrid non-profit
Number of Direct Beneficiaries: 60,000 (2013)
Annual Budget: USD $2.28 million (2013)
Percentage Earned Revenue: 62%
The Social Problem
About 80% of Africans are farmers and most remain in deep poverty. Livestock play critical and multiple roles in supporting rural families in Africa. They serve as the family’s main asset, source of high protein food, and importantly source of income. However, livestock keepers lack access to knowledge of how to improve the productivity of their livestock and the vaccines, drugs and feeds they need. Livestock keepers struggle to keep their livestock healthy, productive and profitable, hence not fulfilling the livestock potential to lift people out of poverty.
Innovation and Activities
Sidai is creating a network of branded, quality-assured, livestock service centres owned and managed by qualified livestock professionals operating under a franchise agreement. These outlets stock quality products and offer quality services to farmers, providing them with a genuine choice in the market. Farmers can therefore have the knowledge, products and services they need to look after their livestock, improve their production and increased income.
Sidai charges farmers a fair price for all its products and services. In this way, it generates revenues to support the delivery of services to underserved communities in remote locations, as well as to further expand the organisation through a franchising business model. Sidai has a deep commitment to sourcing and stocking good quality products for its customers and takes all reasonable measures to ensure that the products it purchases are of acceptable quality and are transported and stored appropriately. Sidai also trains farmers on how to utilize the products correctly and employs timely measures to address any quality issues that may arise.
Sidai's steadily growing network has improved the businesses of its franchisees, their families and their customers. It is currently operating through a network of 96 franchises and 340 stockists, and selling to more than 60,000 customers across Kenya. It is also providing farmers’ trainings, as well as young professionals internship programs.
The Entrepreneur
Christie has had more than 30 years as a livestock specialist. She first arrived in Kenya in 1979 as an agricultural student working in Kenya’s remote regions. She returned to Kenya a year later to prepare her doctoral research, this time living with the Maasai people. In 1988, after a few years in South-East Asia, she returned to Africa - this time to Ethiopia - where she launched a number of Farm Africa’s programs. Christie rose to become Farm Africa’s Chief Executive Officer in 1999: over the eleven years that followed, she redefined the organizations strategic direction, by transforming it from a small informal group to a major professional development organization. She left the position to found Sidai, and was selected as an Ashoka Fellow in 2011.