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Amina Laraki Slaoui

Amina Slaoui has a double master in law and political science from Paris university Assad and Sciences Po. At the age of 32, while on vacation in Costa Rica, she had a bicycle accident that left her paraplegic. When she returned to Morocco after six months of physical rehabilitation abroad, she was distraught to realize the absence of care for physically impaired people. That is why she developed in the nineties the first Moroccan non-profit organization specialized in promoting people with disabilities' rights, the Amicale Marocaine des Handicapés (AMH). As President of the AMH group since 2011, she puts forward a simple mission: "Increase the social inclusion of vulnerable people and those living with a disability through high social impact products and services." The group still has a lobbying strategy but now boasts projects in highly competitive and innovative sectors such as education, professional training, and socio-medical infrastructures.

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Groupe AMH
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Non-profit Social Enterprise
Education; Human Rights
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Groupe AMH

AMH provides a wide range of life-enhancing products and services to people living in precarious situations (disabled people, elderly, children). It employs 240 people in five sectors of activity.

In healthcare, AMH manages several physical and functional rehabilitation centres in Morocco. For example, the Noor Centre for re-education and rehabilitation in Casablanca is a pilot project providing a diverse range of rehabilitative services to more than 1,500 patients a year; 30% of patients are low income and benefit from a 20-80% discount on their medical treatments. The remaining 70% of patients allows the centre to break even and thus achieve financial sustainability. Any remaining profits are used by AMH to develop new projects and reach more people in need. This project has proved to be very successful and is now looking to be duplicated in other regions of Morocco, thus providing people all over the African continent with access to physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, and the fitting of prosthetics and wheelchairs.

In social assistance, AMH assists vulnerable people in achieving their potential and building a brighter future, from developing professional reinsertion programmes to helping beneficiaries with administrative procedures. In skill training, the NGO created a vocational training centre in 2015 that provides training for health service personnel and paramedics. The educational wing of AMH is represented by the Institution Tahar Sebtiâ (ITS). It offers an educational programme from kindergarten to elementary school to 480 children. It focuses on their personal development regardless of their socio-economic background or disability. In lobbying, AMH aims to trigger state actions and to raise public awareness of disabled people’s rights.


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