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Andy Schroeter

Andy Shroeter has over 30 years' technical experience in renewable energy, infrastructure and operational logistics, as well as 25 years' experience as company designer and manager. He spent almost 20 years working with Sunlabob Renewable Energy Ltd. Andy’s expertise includes project and company design and management, technical design and practical implementation, renewable energy conception, financial management, rural development, including conception and practical adviser to government and private sector.

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Sunlabob Renewable Energy
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For-profit Social Enterprise
Electricity; Sustainable Development
Areas of Impact
ASEAN, Africa, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Cambodia, Liberia, Myanmar, Lao PDR

Sunlabob Renewable Energy

Sunlabob Renewable Energy combines high-quality technology, highly trained international engineers, and an in-depth understanding of the local, on-the-ground nuances of project evaluation, development and execution in developing and emerging markets.

Sunlabob combines high-quality technology with sustainable community-based operational models and local capacity building activities to ensure longevity of rural energy systems. Tapping into its on-the-ground experience, Sunlabob has developed self-sustaining operational models that can be tailored and implemented in local conditions. As the first company to supply and install grid-connected commercial rooftop solar projects in both Laos and Myanmar, Sunlabob understands how to successfully navigate new and uncertain markets. Its initial experience in very remote areas of Laos lacking access to electricity and water has proven invaluable throughout the developing world, whether it is efficiently transporting solar panels to the islands of Micronesia or installing grid-tied commercial solar systems in the urban environs of Yangon, Myanmar.

As an integrated solutions provider that thoroughly understands the intricacies of the developing world, Sunlabob is well-equipped to take a full turn-key approach and provides a flexible, customizable design method to enable effective, long-lasting solutions for each unique rural environment. It also upholds socially driven values that complement its commercially minded approach to renewable energy development.

Sunlabob has received the World Economic Forum Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship award, the Ashden Award, the World Bank's Development Marketplace Award in Uganda, and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Sasakawa Prize, among others.


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