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Atsumasa Tochisako

Atsumasa Tochisako, President and Chief Executive Officer of MicroManos Corporation, grew up in poverty in post-World War II Japan. After graduating from university in Kyoto, Atsumasa embarked on a 27 year career with the Bank of Tokyo, serving half of this time in Latin America. While there, he saw that individuals only needed small opportunities to live up to their full potential. Atsumasa took steps towards reforming the financial sector for the poor when he was assigned as the Bank of Tokyo’s chief representative in Washington DC. In 2003, he founded Microfinance International Corporation and MicroManos to create an infrastructure of financial and professional services to collectively address the needs of immigrants. In 2014, he introduced a new banking model in the United States by foundingAsiembra, Inc., a project management company to establish the MIFI BANK, Multiple Integration of Financial Innovations Bank.

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MicroManos Corporation
For-profit Social Enterprise
Innovation; Banking and Capital Markets; Social Innovation
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North America

MicroManos Corporation

Although there are private companies and non-profit organizations that handle remittance, microfinance and immigrants' issues as their single service, MicroManos is the only organization that combines these matters into one business model with international coverage and immigrant-focused human resources staffing services.

MicroManos specializes in professional job searches for immigrants to secure sustainable opportunities, especially in the hospitality industry. Once their income flow is stable, MicroManos's Alante service offers migrant families low remittance rates. Regular remittances then help build migrants' credit records, which subsequently grant them access to a full range of value-added services, such as consumer loans, emergency loans and mortgages.

To fill the labour demand gap, MicroManos will soon commence an international staffing service focusing on Filipino nurses eligible to work in US hospitals and Medicare facilities.

MicroManos has also created Asiembra, a project to build a banking model aimed at achieving true financial inclusion in the US. A new model bank under Asiembra shall be established to extend affordable and mindful financial services to everybody.


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