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Bushra Al Mulla

Bushra Al Mulla is Director General of the Family Care Authority (FCA) of Abu Dhabi and a serial intrapreneur in the Abu Dhabi government, driving the vision and direction of the emirate’s social sector services. Her work at FCA empowers and improves the quality of life of families, children, and people with disabilities by offering specialised and centralised services through a holistic and proactive approach and by adopting the unique proposed the “Integrated Case Management (ICM) Model”, which provides streamlined support by identifying and addressing root causes behind prevailing social challenges and consolidating services distributed across several authorities.
Al Mulla has participated in numerous projects covering governance, public policies, and strategies in the social sector, and has spearheaded strategic initiatives, including the early childhood development programmes and Social Care and Cohesion Department at the Community Development Authority, Abu Dhabi’s Center for Sheltering and Humanitarian Care, and Abu Dhabi’s four-year Strategy for People of Determination.

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Family Care Authority of Abu Dhabi

The Family Care Authority (FCA) is part of the Department of Community Development (DCD) and is tasked with advancing the quality of life for families in Abu Dhabi. It provides specialized and centralized services in response to families’ needs in the emirate. It achieves this by consolidating efforts after studying the circumstances of Abu Dhabi’s families and the services distributed across several authorities relevant to the social sector and related to family care. FCA builds an integrated governance model to manage family cases, thereby shortening the time needed for beneficiaries to obtain social services.


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