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The BroadReach Group
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The BroadReach Group

BroadReach is a patient-centred healthcare solutions company empowering local providers and global leaders inside governments, donor organizations, NGOs and commercial healthcare companies to efficiently deliver improved patient access, outcomes, and social well-being to under-served populations.

It does this through Vantage, its unique artificial intelligence powered enterprise analytics, decision-support and workflow management system, combined with proven strategic and operational know-how and on-the-ground staff to provide and implement actionable insights. BroadReach has used its approach to shape healthcare policies in Botswana, South Africa and at the international level, and assisted some of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies in designing strategies and business plans to create commercial access models to provide healthcare to those at the base of the pyramid. BroadReach has also used this approach to conduct health systems improvement projects across 25 countries, covering a catchment population of over 1 billion people.

BroadReach has worked on developing some of Africa's most groundbreaking, innovative and successful healthcare programmes, including Africa's first national HIV treatment programme, which has already provided HIV treatment support for over 500,000 patients, as well as HIV care support for over 1 million patients.BroadReach Group is a global social enterprise on a mission is to harness health technology

and innovation to empower human action. We combine two decades of healthcare

expertise with world-class technology to improve health outcomes and equity for populations

worldwide. We see a world where access to good health enables people to flourish.


We partner with organizations running large-scale health programs - payers, providers,

employers, governments, and non-profits - where our AI-enabled population health

solutions offer the right time decision support and next best actions to dramatically increase program health outcomes.


Built on Microsoft’s technology suite, our Vantage population health platform helps healthcare

organizations deliver better health outcomes, use scarce resources more efficiently, save costs,

and run more sustainable health systems. Our technology powered solutions are the future of

work in healthcare, ensuring the right teams have the right information at the right time so that

they can take the right action to create impact. We deliver value through our tech-enabled,

data-aware implementation of large-scale health programs and campaigns.


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