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Christophe Chevalier

As a native of the region of DrĂ´me, Christophe Chevalier grew up in a hostel for young immigrants, managed by his father. As a result, he has always been aware of social and economical challenges in France. He chose a social career and trained as a youth social worker. His passion for numbers prompted him to obtain a Masters in Management in parallel. In his first job, he worked as a youth worker for the DDASS (the regional social services department) and for the PJJ (Legal Protection for Youth). In 1988, Christophe Chevalier completed his civil service at Archer and in 1991, at the age of 26, was appointed as Managing Director of the organization.

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Groupe Archer
For-profit Social Enterprise
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Europe, France

Groupe Archer

Groupe Archer fights unemployment and boosts local economies by partnering with companies planning to relocate from the region and by taking over part of their production.


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