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Dongshu Shen Dongshu

A serial social entrepreneur, impact investor and market maker, Jaff Shen Dongshu has been promoting social justice and sustainable development for more than 17 years. With extensive experience in large state-owned entities, investment company management, consulting firms, and non-profit organizations, Jaff has granular insight into China’s socio-economic development and global development trends. In 2013, Jaff introduced SVP – a venture philanthropy model – to China, with the goal of fostering innovative ways to strengthen the financial markets, energize the talent market, and enhance thought leadership in the field of social innovation. He has founded three social innovation and entrepreneurial hubs: the Fuping Development Institute; the Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation and the Fuping Social investment Co and has a longstanding engagement with the World Economic Forum, mainly through the Annual Meeting of the New Champions. In 2002, he co-founded his first social enterprise, Fuping Vocational Training School, with economists Mao Yushi (winner of the Cato Institute’s 2012 Milton Friedman Prize) and Tang Min (Counsellor to the State Council of the People’s Republic of China). In the following ten years, he incubated five more social enterprises in the fields of microfinance, organic farming, rural education and impact investing.

Jaff holds a BA in Oriental Studies and a law degree from Peking University and is the Editor in Chief of Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) China. He was honored as the Youth Leader of the Year by Southern People Weekly Magazine in 2014.

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Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation

Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation jointly launched the East Asia Social Innovation Initiative (EASII) with players in Japan and Korea, aiming to create and support a social innovation movement across East Asia. Leping is dedicated to building a system for inclusive development to support and accelerate the mobilization of solutions for social impact. It serves as a catalyst and architect for the social innovation ecosystem in China, accelerating the development of social enterprises through impact-driven investments to facilitate their potential for large-scale social impact. Through a collection of knowledge-based products, Leping develops the social innovation talent pool and ideas marketplace.


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