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Dylan Wilk

Dylan Wilk founded Gameplay in 1994, a computer games business. In 1999, he became the youngest director of a public company when Gameplay became one of the first dot com businesses listed on the London Stock Exchange. Dylan was a volunteer for Gawad Kalinga, Philippines, a slum redevelopment movement, helping it to grow its reach from 200 to around 2,000 villages. In 2008, Dylan co-founded Human Nature.

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Human Nature
For-profit Social Enterprise
Retail, Consumer Goods and Lifestyle
Areas of Impact
ASEAN, Philippines

Human Nature

Human Nature is a for-profit business with three social goals: strengthening the Filipino economy, creating a new middle class from the poor, and caring for the environment. While the Philippines has a wealth of natural resources and abundant raw materials, the agricultural and manufacturing sectors do not produce high-quality goods.

Human Nature has produced a truly Filipino brand by formulating and marketing personal and homecare products that use local and natural raw materials. Its products are natural and free from harmful chemicals, demonstrating the promotion of environmental awareness through its brand. To further support the development of start-up social enterprises, Huma Nature serves as a mentor, providing funding and strategic advice, and a distribution platform for new companies that are also striving to provide opportunities to underserved sectors by connecting them to the market.

To support farmers, Human Nature works with community cooperatives and provides training, equipment and a market for high-value crops such as citronella, lemongrass, virgin coconut oil and coco nectar. As the capacity of these communities develops, the cooperatives become sustainable community-based enterprises that are integrated directly into the Human Nature supply chain. Human Nature has partnerships in 20 communities throughout the Philippines engaged in supplying raw materials or finished goods that the company then distributes through its network of branches and retail partners countrywide. Human Nature also exports to Malaysia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Japan and the US.


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