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Eleanor Allen

Eleanor Allen is the Chief Executive Officer of Water For People, a global nonprofit working in nine countries in Africa, Latin America, and India to help develop sustainable water and sanitation services. Prior to Water For People Eleanor was the Global Director of Water at Arcadis and the Latin America Director of Water at CH2M (now Jacobs). She is a registered professional engineer experienced in leading multi-cultural, global teams in delivering rural and urban infrastructure programs and in managing regional and global operations. She won the Denver Outstanding Women in Business Award in Architecture, Engineering and Construction and was inducted into the Academy for Distinguished Alumni at the University of California at Berkeley. Eleanor is on the Advisory Board at the University of Colorado Mortenson Center for Engineering in Developing Communities. She is also a Water Environment Federation Fellow, and a member of the US Global Leadership Coalition. Eleanor has lived and worked in many different countries and speaks four languages.

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Water For People
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Hybrid Social Enterprise
Infrastructure; Water; Circular Economy; Sustainable Development; Behavioural Sciences; Entrepreneurship
Areas of Impact
Latin America, South Asia, Africa, Uganda, Bolivia, Honduras, Malawi, India, Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Rwanda

Water For People

Water For People is a global non-profit working in nine countries in Africa, Latin America and India to help develop sustainable water and sanitation services. It is recognized as an innovative leader in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector through its innovative approach to development, which brings together local entrepreneurs, technology, governments and communities to create quality, reliable and lasting systems and services.

Water For People's 2017-2021 Strategic Plan aims to increase alignment with Sustainable Development Goal 6 - sustainable water and sanitation for all. Water For People has three strategic goals: proof, global leadership and scale. Its impact model, called Everyone Forever aims to achieve quality, lasting water and sanitation services for every family, clinic and school. Everyone Forever builds the infrastructure, at both the district and the national level, to enable all people in a specific area (districts) to have water and sanitation services. It measures these services at the household level, at the public institution level (clinics and schools), and at the community level using its monitoring framework.

Through the development of community drinking water systems, household sanitation, water resources management, hygiene education, sustainable financing, and integrated programming for clinics and schools, Water For People works to advocate for improved services and to help build the capacity of communities to manage their own water and sanitation systems. Water For People simultaneously works to build the capacity of local businesses to provide the necessary products and services to sustain water and sanitation services. The ultimate goal of Everyone Forever is for these communities, districts and countries to never again need to rely on an international aid funding or technical support to address their water and sanitation challenges.


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