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Emilie Smrcková

Emilie Smrcková worked as a railway dispatcher, raised four sons, and over the course of 20 years served as a foster parent for another 20 kids from children’s homes. Pod Krídly was founded with the help of members of her own family. She closely cooperates with local governmental authorities and is an active participant in the national discussion on institutional and foster care programmes.

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Pod Krídly
Hybrid Social Enterprise
Czech Republic
Areas of Impact
Eurasia, Czech Republic

Pod Krídly

Pod Krídly operates halfway houses for young adults leaving institutional or foster care by offering a three-year residency period. During this time they have to work in order to pay rent, and the use of alcohol and narcotics is prohibited in the homes. The organization helps these young adults clear their debts and learn to manage their money. If they are unable to succeed on their own, they are given a budget by a staff member.

The young adults staying at Pod Krídly houses receive job search assistance, help in re-qualifying for studies, and they visit specialists outside the home, including psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists. Social work is individualized and staff members prepare and execute personal development plans to enable successful social integration. After the three-year residency period most of the young adults find a rented apartment, employment and have established some savings.

This reduces the potential for criminal activity in this high-risk group; feedback has shown that 90% have integrated into society and are living trouble-free lives. From the very beginning Pod Krídly has cooperated closely with the cities in which it operates, and in some cases the cities donate houses, land and financial aid. It also collaborates with children’s homes, child welfare authorities and other organizations operating halfway houses. Additionally, the organization strives to forge close ties with the private sector and foundations.


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