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Frédéric Bailly

As executive vice president of International development and Real estate strategy, Frederic oversees the activities of Groupe SOS in 50 countries.

A non-profit group born in France in 1984 during the AIDS crisis, Groupe SOS is Europe’s front runner in social purpose entrepreneurship, encompassing over 750 entities serving 2 million beneficiaries.
Its 22,000 employees focus on addressing exclusion, ensuring essential services, and innovating for social, societal, and environmental challenges.
Balancing professionalism with a provocative approach, the group challenges the prevailing socio-economic system, implementing transparent financial solidarity, and undertaking missions ranging from welfare institutions to sustainable businesses.

Frederic is a graduate from ESCE business school and holds a Master Degree in global management from Paris Dauphine University.

Frederic is a knight of the French National Order of Merit.

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For-profit Social Enterprise
Global Health; Entrepreneurship; Social Innovation
Areas of Impact
Europe, France


With its 21,500 employees and 480 structures, GROUPE SOS is one of Europe's foremost social and societal undertakings. For over 30 years, GROUPE SOS has been putting economic efficiency at the service of the interests of the general public. In so doing, it provides responses to the issues of today's society by developing innovative solutions in its five main fields of activity. The actions undertaken by GROUPE SOS have an impact on 1.7 million beneficiaries every year.

Basing its actions on the fight against different forms of social exclusion, GROUPE SOS has diversified its activities over the years and is able today to provide solutions for people at all levels in society, and especially those with few or no resources. GROUPE SOS has aimed since its origins to use social innovation to provide solutions to the social issues of the times. By highlighting unnecessary costs and the ensuing wealth creation, GROUPE SOS is able to show how certain expenses can allow significant savings to be made and in turn transformed into societal investments.

GROUPE SOS has developed a new way of conceiving an enterprise: regulated salary scales, absence of shareholders, profits reinvested in development. In today's world it is possible to build a solid organization capable of creating long-term economic activities while at the same time having a strong social impact.

Strengthened by its know-how and the management tools that it has developed, GROUPE SOS has incorporated numerous organizations over the years. They have all developed synergies, professionalized their activities and pooled their expenses. The challenges of tomorrow's economic, social and environmental issues can only be met through the joint efforts of public sector actors and the lucrative and non-lucrative private sector. GROUPE SOS was founded in 1984, has an annual turnover of $900 million and is present in France and in 44 other countries.


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