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Helianti Hilman

Helianti Hilman is the forefront promoter of Indonesia’s food biodiversity heritage by bringing indigenous food products of remote Indonesia to the broader market. She graduated Cum Laude in 1993 from Padjadjaran University, Bandung, majoring in International Law. In 1998, she completed a Master of Law on Intellectual Property Rights at Kings College, University of London. Inspired by Indonesia’s wealth on food biodiversity and indigenous knowledge on sustainable food system, in 2008 Helianti left her works as consultant and founded PT. Kampung Kearifan Indonesia, known also as JAVARA. She was awarded EY Indonesia Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2013. In 2014 she was named by Forbes Indonesia among The Inspiring Women Honor Roll, and in 2016 by Top 10 Asia as one of Indonesia’s Top Social Entrepreneur. She is globally recognized as a notable expert and resource person in the area of indigenous food system, commercialisation of food biodiversity and social entrepreneurship.

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Hybrid Social Enterprise
Agriculture, Food and Beverage; Indonesia; Environment and Natural Resource Security; ASEAN; Retail, Consumer Goods and Lifestyle; Circular Economy
Areas of Impact
ASEAN, Indonesia


JAVARA works across agricultural value chains, from production to distribution to branding, in order to preserve Indonesia's food biodiversity and bring fine organic products from remote and rural Indonesia to broader markets. Javara champions artisanal food products of specific origin that have market relevance. Triggered by indigenous farmers and food artisans who have been determined to preserve Indonesia's food biodiversity, JAVARA is working hand in hand with over 52,000 smallholder farmers and food artisans to bring forgotten foods to the market.

The company sells over 800 artisanal products (of which 250 are certified organic), serving over 700 businesses (retail outlets and food service industry) in Indonesia and exports to 22 countries. The company intervenes along supply chains to strengthen supplier production capacity, improve workplace safety, and market products nationally and internationally, securing premium prices for farmers and processors. At the sourcing end, JAVARA’s value chain includes farmers with small landholdings that are organized into farmers’ collectives. JAVARA creates local farm-entrepreneurs and helps them develop high market potential produce and supports them to adopt sustainable and economically beneficial farming practices, such as crop rotation or inter-cropping. Over 3,000 food artisans are also trained by JAVARA to reach and maintain high food safety and quality standards.

When there is strong local capacity, the farmer collectives are encouraged and supported to handle the processing operations. JAVARA then purchases, markets and distributes these products. This model ensures transparent pricing structures and allows all involved stakeholders to benefit from selling value added products.

Its business model has attracted many organizations worldwide to learn from its approaches, among others from ASEAN, Korea, Japan, India, New Zealand and South Africa. JAVARA has received honours and awards, including: named a Global Rising Star by Forbes Indonesia (2014); the Anugerah HKI (Intellectual Property Award) for Brand Owner, Indonesian Government (2014); the Primaniyarta award as a Pioneer on the New Market from the Indonesian Government (2016); named among Indonesia’s Top Social Enterprises by Top 10 Asia (2016); named first among Indonesia’s Top 25 Exotic Brands by SWA Magazine (2017).