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Hla Hla Win

Right after graduating from Harvard Kennedy School of Government with Master in Public Administration degree, I received an innovation grant from Google to incubate my idea of tackling one of the global grand challenges: “Access to Quality Education”.

An opportunity to learn with 78 other innovators, global leaders, educators and change makers of 43 different countries in the heart of NASA research center in Silicon Valley, changed my life. Mentors and my cohort challenged my notion of potential impact by individuals. After 3 months of Global Solution Program, I came to firmly believe in the mission of creating positive impacts to one billion people over ten years. I was again invited to join a launch-pad program to launch the company 360ed - tackling the problem of access to quality education for those in the bottom of the pyramid.

In 2018 February, 360ed has been awarded the world’s top ten digital innovation award from Netexplo/UNESCO for our disruptive innovations in education technologies with AR and VR. I am proud of my team of 70 young individuals who are constantly learning and leading a disruptive innovation trend to transform traditional educational systems by leveraging scalable technologies and to democratize access to quality learning experiences.

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360Ed is a Myanmar-based start-up composed of educators, tech experts, content creators and scholars who are committed to revamping the education reform process by leveraging advances in virtual reality, augmented reality and other emerging technologies for learners in Myanmar. Its work is grounded in experimentation, innovation, collaborative partnerships and extended fieldwork.