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Jalil Allabadi

I am an Industrial Engineer with a Master's degree in Business Adminstration. I was born in Lebanon, to palestinian parents, and spent the first years in Germany as my parents completed their university studies. Raised in Jordan until the age of 19 when I moved to Italy to study engineering at the University of Bologna. After graduation I moved to Pavia where I worked at a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility managing operations. 2 years later I moved to Arizona, USA to do my Master's degree at Thunderbird School of Global Management. It was during my studies there that I started helping my father Dr. Abdelaziz Allabadi commercializing the dictionary he authored. With encouragement from professors at Thunderbird I decided to move back to Jordan to start this venture.

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For-profit Social Enterprise
Middle East and North Africa; Global Health; Healthcare Delivery; Jordan
Areas of Impact
Middle East & North Africa, Egypt


Altibbi is a digital health platform for the Arab world. Altibbi has a unique mix of tools to deliver health awareness, information and advice to millions through its massive content library and telehealth service. In 2016, it had 90 million unique sessions and thousands of consultations and is on course to touch many more millions of lives.


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