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Jean-Daniel Muller

Jean-Daniel Muller is the Co-Founder of Siel Bleu. This association aims to improve and maintain the health and well-being of vulnerable people by using Adapted Physical Activities (APA) and to increase participant’s autonomy, independence and social inclusion. Among the beneficiaries of these activities are seniors in elderly care homes, young seniors and people and children with illnesses or disabilities. The association's main goal is to make activities affordable, because health should not be considered a luxury good. To achieve this goal, Siel Bleu continues to excel its economic model through innovative partnerships and funding initiatives. Today, there are 600 employees providing these activities throughout France and for more than 120,000 people each week. This model has been duplicated in Belgium, Ireland and Spain, where 150 employees work for the well-being of vulnerable people.

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Siel Bleu
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Siel Bleu

Siel Bleu develops a range of activities for elderly people that are designed to help improve their general physical and psychological well-being through the use of an integrated approach in the context of a preventive care programme.

Siel Bleu has developed 25 types of physical activities that are adjustable to various levels of handicap, age and skill. Collective courses are designed for seniors, the elderly, the handicapped, and people suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, Parkinson’s and cancer. Tailored home courses include post-hospitalization programmes, gym for care givers, “going out again” programmes, and physical stimulation. Courses for companies include health prevention, welfare and coming back to work.

Siel Bleu dedicates 10% of its budget to research and development since several studies have proven the positive impact of the regular practice of physical activity. For instance, people between 65 to 79 years old who practice a physical activity at least 20 minutes a week directly reduce their risk of getting Alzheimer’s by 60%. Moreover, practicing a moderate to intense physical activity reduces the risk of having a breast cancer relapse by at least 30%. It is estimated that Siel Bleu’s activities targeting only two pathologies – fractures and diabetes – could enable savings of €59 billion in 8 years in France, €36 billion in Spain and €50 billion in the UK.


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