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Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Jackson is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Dimagi. As a leader in the mobile health industry, Jonathan has co-founded multiple organizations focused on improving healthcare delivery and passionate about enabling markets to reach populations currently disconnected from them. Jonathan’s social enterprise technology company enables organizations to easily build digital solutions, improving last mile service delivery in the world’s most underserved areas. Jonathan oversees a team of more than 100 global employees who are working to bring digital solutions to new markets and supporting over 500 projects with hundreds of diverse partners: government ministries, United Nations, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, Google, Microsoft, Dannon, Novartis, GE, Intel, GlaxoSmitKline, World Bank, NIH, MIT, Harvard and many others. Jonathan holds a degree from MIT in computer science.

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For-profit Social Enterprise
The Digital Economy
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North America, Greater China, South Asia, Middle East & North Africa, Africa, Latin America


Dimagi's vision is to apply open-source and scalable technology to improve community-based service delivery across the world. Dimagi has produced a suite of three core mobile applications. The flagship tool is CommCare, an open source turnkey platform that enables partners to develop their own content of protocols and data collection, utilize multimedia for low literacy interfaces, and manage their program’s performance.

The two other tools are CommConnect, a solution for building SMS applications allowing for two-way messaging, conditional reminders, surveys and broadcast messages, and CommTrack, a tool for mobile logistics and supply-chain management. Dimagi has found multimedia to be universally popular among clients and holds strong evidence that recorded audio improves the persuasive power of health and other messaging.


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