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Joseph Kenner

Joseph Kenner is President and CEO of social enterprise Greyston, the New York- based pioneer of “open hiring” that helps individuals facing barriers to meaningful employment by offering work with no interviews, no background checks and no resumes. Best known for its bakery, Greyston is now expanding its reach and aims to provide open hiring employment opportunities to 40,000 Americans by 2030. Joe also serves on the board of Conscious Capitalism Inc., the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council, the New York City Workforce Investment Board and the B-Team.

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For 38 years, Greyston has been opening its doors to people who ordinarily face rejection. It offers individuals and communities struggling to prosper an opportunity to thrive. When people say they want to work, Greyston gives them a chance, no questions asked, no resumes, no interviews, no background checks. By replacing scrutiny with trust, Greyston transforms lives and breaks the cycles of poverty in the process.


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