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Khalil Daoud

Daoud graduated from the University of Saint Joseph in Beirut in 1979, with a BA in Business Administration. Prior to joining LibanPost, Daoud held senior positions in a number of multinational and regional companies across the Middle East of which a 5-year term at SMH (Société de Microélectrique et d’Horlogerie), the Swiss luxury watch group and a 10-year term at The Gillette Company (in the Middle East, North Africa, India and Pakistan).

Khalil Daoud has lead LibanPost as Chairman of the Board and Managing Director since his joining in 2002, after the failed attempt by the Canadian consortium to revive the postal sector long interrupted by the war.

Under Daoud’s leadership, LibanPost undertook a massive internal reform based on infrastructure hauling, capacity building, product line and sales channels diversification, business expansion, brand establishment, premises’ rehabilitation, and automation investments, transforming the company into a modern and profitable organization in less than five years. Daoud’s gradual implementation of his strategy proved its effectiveness as it allowed the company to gain the confidence of the Lebanese and the shareholders alike. The name of Khalil Daoud became closely tied to that of LibanPost which represented for him a mission more than a role: his way of contributing to the rebirth of Lebanon.

Daoud innovated with conveniently located kiosks in malls with extended opening hours, built the largest distribution force in the country (with a clear commitment to quality service rendering) and relaunched the philately with several stamps issuances portraying the Lebanese cultural heritage. As an intermediary, LibanPost contributed to corruption containment and administrative reform. Today, LibanPost is a well-established credible brand with sympathy capital among citizens, as it offers them service convenience at affordable prices.

On the employment end, Daoud insisted on equal opportunity for all genders, religious communities and political affiliates alike, with full benefits, and in a decent work environment where employees feel proud to belong. He promoted a corporate culture of agility, innovation, collaboration, professionalism and integrity.

Khalil Daoud is a founding and active member of the UNGC Lebanon Network. He endorsed several socially responsible initiatives such as waste sorting and recycling, road safety and gender parity, to name but a few. He was honored for his work on gender equality and economic inclusion (UNGC SDG Pioneer Award 2018).

In an effort to integrate LibanPost with its natural geographic environment, Daoud chose to be a founding member of the Postal Union of the Mediterranean (PUMed) in 2011, as well as a founding member of the Institute for Economic Prospects of the Mediterranean World (IPEMED). He was elected member of the Board of Directors of PUMed then President in 2017, and Member of the Board of Directors of IPEMED in 2016 and Chairman of its Supervisory Board in 2017.

In addition to his postal involvement, Daoud is active on the Lebanese financial scene as CEO of CashUnited (main distributor of MoneyGram in Lebanon) since 2013, and General Manager – Retail at Saradar Bank for 3 years. Under Daoud, LibanPost won several international awards.

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Appointed Chairman and Managing Director in 2002, Khalil Daoud began transforming a limping institution into a profitable private company. He initiated a vast diversification program, an important infrastructure hauling, a significant automation requiring investments in technology, and comprehensive capacity-building efforts. LibanPost now offers a mix of postal and non-postal services that emanates from a need identification, an innovative look, an agile mindset, a proper use of technology, and the much needed operational excellence to find efficient, fast, and affordable solutions. Beside saving the company financially, Daoud was determined to uplift the services offered by the public administrations, improving their efficiency and accessibility, while mitigating corruption and contributing to administrative reform, positioning LibanPost as a trusted intermediary between citizens and public administrations, hence earning the friendly label of “Daily Life Facilitator”. On the operations end, optimal delivery, relies on automated processes and technology. Letter carriers are equipped with the latest generation of handhelds with biometric fingerprint recognition and a GPS system. Traceability of every piece of mail is insured from entry point up to final delivery. In-house developed computer-guided applications ensure full automation and a fast rollout of any new retail service, while API built modules ensure end to end integration with providers/merchants and end-consumers.


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