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Kristin Groos Richmond

Kristin Groos Richmond founded Revolution Foods in 2005 with Kirsten Tobey to transform the way we feed our students. Kristin continues to lead the growth of the company, which now serves over one million freshly prepared meals every week, across the country and recently, into grocery stores. Prior to founding Revolution Foods, Kristin’s career spanned from corporate finance to education reform including co-founding the Kenya Community Center for Learning and serving as Vice President at RISE. Kristin was on the White House Council for Community Solutions and is an Aspen Institute Entrepreneurial Leaders In Public Education Fellow, an Education Pioneers Fellow and an Ashoka Fellow. She is a board member of Lighthouse Community Charter School and UC Berkeley’s Global Social Venture Competition. Kristin was named a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and, with Kirsten, is one of Time Magazine's Education Activists of 2011.

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Revolution Foods

Revolution Foods’ aim is to dramatically transform school lunch and close the access gap to healthy food for millions of low-income children in America. 70% of the meals served by Revolution Foods are for children enrolled in the free- or reduced-price lunches (FRL) programme, which serves children living at or just above the federal poverty line. The menus are specially prepared by nutritionists to be appealing to kids, do not have any processed foods, trans-fats, or additives, and include recommended daily servings of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Beyond the direct impact this proper nutrition has on children’s long-term healthy eating habits, attention span and Focus at school, Revolution Foods provides living wages, quality benefits, and employee stock options to over 840 employees in inner city metro areas. Revolution Foods also manages its procurement process for social impact, working with organic farmers and ranchers who raise livestock in ethical conditions.

In 2013, Revolution Foods launched a Meal Kit line providing affordable, balanced meals high in proteins and whole grains and low in added sugars with no artificial ingredients. The Meal Kits are already for sale in 2000 grocery stores across the US, and pilot sales are underway with Walmart, Costco, and 7-11.


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