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Xia Li

Xia Li is Founder of Shenzhen Power-Solution, a Chinese supplier of off-grid solar home systems designed for the 730 million people worldwide who lack access to electricity and rely on candles and kerosene for lighting. To date, her company has provided solar-powered light to nearly 50 million people in more than 7 million households, with a heavy focus on sub-Saharan Africa. In the process, it has protected tens of thousands of children from respiratory diseases caused by using kerosene and candles. She was inspired to bring solar lighting to the poor after visiting India’s slums in 2007.

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Shenzhen Power-Solution
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For-profit Social Enterprise
People's Republic of China
Areas of Impact
.Unknown, Africa, Ethiopia

Shenzhen Power-Solution

Shenzhen Power-Solution was founded in 2009 by Li Xia. The company provides solar lighting solutions for no-electricity regions in 63 countries. The company's mission is to offer qualified solar lighting solutions for 1.6 billion people in off-grid areas. Power Solution has more than 100 employees. It is diversifying its businesses to design, manufacture and sell lighting, agricultural and education products in Africa, Pakistan, South-East Asia and Bangladesh. The company’s products have benefited more than 3 million families in Africa.


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