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Lo Chay

Lo Chai is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of 1001 fontaines pour demain. He has a diploma in Rural Engineering from the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (2003), and an Engineering Diploma in Water Management from ENGREF (2005). He is a member of the Junior Chamber International. Lo’s expertise lies in water and sanitation.

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1001 fontaines pour demain
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Hybrid Social Enterprise
Fresh Water
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Europe, Africa, Cambodia, Madagascar

1001 fontaines pour demain

Using solar-powered ultraviolet (UV) technologies, 1001 fontaines pour demain establishes water purification and distribution networks in Cambodia’s rural villages, allowing people to meet a basic need for a minimal investment. Unlike conventional potable water delivery, 1001 fontaines’ model incurs no distribution costs and offers the amount of drinking water necessary to match village needs, and thus offers clean, purified water at just $ 0.01 per litre, which is affordable for rural Cambodian villagers.

At each site, 1001 fontaines provides the initial capital investment and subsequently trains one to two village operators in purification technologies and distribution methods, thus creating micro-franchises across the region. All operational expenses after the initial investment are covered by sales at the point of distribution. Thus far, 1001 fontaines has generated more than 100 jobs in rural villages and actively leverages community networks to spread awareness about the necessity of clean drinking water and the health risks associated with swamp water.

1001 fontaines has established 58 production sites in Cambodia and 11 in Madagascar, providing 70,000 customers with affordable potable water and ensuring better health for villages.


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