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Markus Gander

Markus Gander studied music and sociology in Bern, Switzerland. Working with troubled teenagers as a youth worker in Moosseedorf, he and two colleagues started Infoklick to help young people engage in society by providing them with information and support. Markus also co-founded a Swiss network for youth development, conceptualized the Moosseedorf centre to host a range of youth organizations throughout Switzerland, and is actively engaged in a range of spin-off projects that originated with Infoklick.

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Infoklick is the largest online portal for information concerning youth in Switzerland, answering more than 40,000 questions submitted by young people using its website. It links youth with similar ideas or issues and creates a network of engaged groups.

Currently, more than 20,000 young people are actively involved in projects at, receiving the financial resources and support they need to convert their ideas into reality. Their projects focus on youth participation, respect and tolerance, youth and media, intergenerational issues and the integration of immigrants. Its buntkicktgut project is a street soccer league that integrates young immigrants. is a magazine created by young people for young people and covering topics that are under-represented in the general media. The Jugend mit Wirkung project encourages active participation by youth in communal political matters and is represented in all districts of Switzerland.

Infoklick is mainly financed through projects administered for public entities, foundations or other donors, with membership fees and private donations covering a small part of the budget. The portal has introduced Club Ramoneur, allowing companies to be featured on the website and to act as sponsors of particular projects. Infoklick offers a youth card through local communities that provides access to various events and activities; the communities and institutions providing the offers pay a fee for this service. Infoklick has also created a centre for children and youth activities in Moosseedorf, close to Bern, where it offers meeting space and rooms for seminars. In 2009, it established new branches in Lucerne, St Gall, Lausanne, Bellinzona and Basel in Switzerland, and in Munich, Germany.


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