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Martin Kariongi Ole Sanago

Martin Kariongi Ole Sanago was born and raised in Maasai Steppes, plains of northern Tanzania. Martin has extensive experience in establishing grassroots organizations alongside pioneering social entrepreneurship and community business ventures for the Maasai people’s economic empowerment. He was nominated as an Ashoka Fellow in 2003 and in 2006 he was awarded the Quality World Wide Community Award by Columbia University. Martin was educated in Republic of Ireland German and United Kingdom. He has Master of Science in Community Development and other varies academic certificates.

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Non-profit Social Enterprise
Entrepreneurship; Education and Skills
Areas of Impact
Africa, Tanzania


Institute for Orkonerei Pastoralists Advancement (IOPA) facilitates transformation and diversification of the economic system of the Maasai through social business, social entrepreneurship and innovation - through radio programs, roundtable discussion, and festivals, the Institute prepares a fertile ground for self-examination and collective action. On the economic side, it also helps villages both diversify the pastoral economics base and meet their needs in existing local market needs. Livestock production, sector development and natural resources management are fundamental to this economic empowerment of the Maasai people.

IOPA has established social businesses around each component of the Masai production value chain, creating wealth and reducing poverty in these pastoral rural communities. The Institute also teaches the Maasai veterinary services and techniques and sensitizes them about the use of both modern and traditional veterinary medicine. This has led to the creation of four veterinary suppliers and three Veterinary Diagnostic/Investigative centres in pastoralist areas. As a result of these vaccination campaigns, pastoralists have begun to use modern treatments and methods of livestock management, allowing animals to live healthier, longer, more productive lives.