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Masa Kogure

First inspired by the suffering of a relative with heart disease, Masa Kogure worked in the artificial heart pump industry, using his training in biomechanical engineering on a series of cutting-edge technology projects in Japan. With a growing desire to understand the commercial mechanisms and markets that affect the technology he developed, Masa joined McKinsey & Company as a consultant specializing in healthcare, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Experience gained as a consultant provided the valuable project management experience that allowed him to pursue the concept and establishment of Table For Two.

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Table for Two International
Hybrid Social Enterprise
Global Health; Agriculture, Food and Beverage; Sustainable Development
Areas of Impact
ASEAN, Korea & North Asia, Greater China, Japan, Japan, Africa, Greater China, Africa, United Kingdom, Hong Kong SAR, China, South Africa, Switzerland, Uganda, Taiwan, China, USA, France, Ethiopia, Republic of Korea, Italy, People's Republic of China, Rwanda

Table for Two International

TFT works with its partners to serve healthy, balanced meals to those in the developed world and transfer the excess calories to impoverished, undernourished children in the developing world, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa.

Unlike other programmes that combat child under-nutrition, TFT does not just transfer donations from the developed world, but actively promotes and works towards better health and nutrition for those on both sides of “the table”. TFT works with 650 partners in Japan, the US, Korea, and Germany, including corporate cafeterias, university dining halls, governments, and public restaurants. Partners serve balanced meals to their clients and transfer $0.25 per meal (the value of the excess calories) to TFT and its partners, which currently serve nearly 19,000 school children in Malawi, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and the Philippines.

The low-cost model designed by TFT has allowed for easier, widespread participation among those in the developed world, while TFT partners have found that raising meal prices for such a social cause has garnered positive employee and student interest. As a result, young students across sub-Saharan Africa who have received free lunches have displayed higher school enrolment and retention rates.


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