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Mechai Viravaidya

Mechai Viravaidya received his Bachelor's in Commerce from Melbourne University, Australia in 1964. In 1974, he became the Founder and Chairman, PDA. He was also: 1979-81, Research Associate, Center for Population and Family Health, Columbia University; 1982-85, Governor, Provincial Waterworks Authority of Thailand; 1985-86, Deputy Minister of Industry; 1986-88, Cabinet Spokesman; 1987-91 and 2002-06, Senator, National Assembly; 1988-89, Visiting Scholar, Harvard Institute for International Development, 1991-92, Minister of Prime Minister's Office, Thailand. He is the recipient of several awards including: UN Gold Peace Medal (1981); 2006, Asian Hero, Times (2006); Gates Global Health Prize (2007).

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Population and Community Development Association (PDA)
Hybrid Social Enterprise
Global Health; Education
Areas of Impact
ASEAN, Thailand, Cambodia

Population and Community Development Association (PDA)

Population and Community Development Association (PDA) is one of Thailand's largest and most diverse NGO. Founded in 1974, it operates from Bangkok and 18 regional development centres and branch offices in rural Thailand. Its programmes are based on a belief that local people are best suited to shape and sustain their own development. PDA started in family planning and has since expanded with programmes in integrated rural development, institution and capacity building, medical and health services, HIV/AIDS prevention and care, income generation, and education.


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