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Norbert Kunz

Norbert Kunz, inspired by the support he received as a child to work his way up through different school systems, believes that the lives of many unemployed or disadvantaged people can be improved through empowerment and trust. Along with his work for iq consult, he serves on the board of the Verband Deutscher Gründungsinitiativen (Association of German Venture Initiatives), and is a founding member of the Deutsche Mikrofinanzinstitut (German Microfunding Trust). Norbert is now Chief Executive Officer of Social Impact gGmbH. He has 20 years' experience advising entrepreneurs, companies and non-profit organizations and is the recipient of several awards including from Ashoka and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.

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Social Impact
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Social Impact

Social Impact aims to create social innovations by using entrepreneurial skills and to reinvest outcomes straight into concept development. It focuses on regional development, start-up support for special target groups, empowerment and European collaboration in those fields. It has received multiple awards. By means of its initiatives – Social Impact and Entersocial – it aims to contribute to the spread of social entrepreneurship and broaden public attention.


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