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Ramazan Salman

Ramazan Salman, co-founder and CEO, Ethno-Medical Center Germany; founder and CEO, International MiMi LAB for Social Integration Technologies (MiMi Lab Berlin). Ramazan studied sociology and psychology. He has lived as a migrant in Germany for 50 years. Impressed by the lack of information about health care, diseases, educational opportunities, civil rights, gender equality, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, he has dedicated himself since the age of 12 to the elimination of language and cultural barriers between migrants and majorities. He was honoured with the Federal Cross of Merit for his contributions to the integration of migrants and refugees. Memberships: Fed. Integration Summit Germany; Committee of Experts on Mobility, Migration and Access to Health Care (Council of Europe); Global Future Council on Migration (WEF); editorial board, WHO Migration and Health newsletter. Lecturer, researcher and editor in migration and health studies. Awards: Social Entrepreneur of the Year (Schwab Foundation); European Health Award (European Health Forum); Pioneer of the European Health Care System (European Forum Alpbach). Leaders of Democratic Society (Robert Bosch Foundation). The Ethno-Medical Centre (Ethno-Medizinisches Zentrum e.V.) is a medical centre of excellence for health and social inclusion. The EMC makes healthcare and education systems more accessible to migrants and refugees. The core activity of the EMC is the MiMi Program for health education and campaigning, conducted in more than 15 languages and implemented in more than 64 cities in Europe (European Health Award 2015). In addition, the EMC realizes research programs on migration and health issues, trauma therapy projects for refugees and offers executive training for professionals. The EMC combines practical in-plant health promotion with innovative corporate health management programs with business skills needed in the 21st century.

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Ethno-Medical Centre Association
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Ethno-Medical Centre Association

The Ethno-Medical Centre Association (EMC) (Ethno-Medizinisches Zentrum) makes healthcare and education systems more accessible to migrants and refugees, increasing health literacy and engaging them in a participatory process of capacity building. It assists migrants and refugees in navigating the national health system, promotes education for healthy lifestyles and connects migrants with statutory healthcare and education systems.

The core of EMC is the MiMi Programme for health education and campaigning, conducted in +15 languages, and adopted in 57 German cities as well as Copenhagen, Tallinn, London, Rome, Istanbul and Brussels. Around 1,800 migrants from 85 countries have been trained as transcultural mediators, who then support those less well-integrated, in areas like medication use, alcohol consumption, children's health, pregnancy, family planning, AIDS/HIV prevention, mental health and vaccination. MiMi's Health Guide publications orient migrants by providing information on health systems, diseases and healthy lifestyles. All MiMi activities are evaluated by scientific studies, conducted in cooperation with universities and the WHO.

EMC offers migrants a MiMi financial literacy programme, and MiMi technology has been adapted for the corporate sector as a Model of “Health at the Workplace”. MiMi results in positive/sustainable effects on groups and institutions involved in its inter-sectoral approach, migrants are motivated/empowered, and the native population sees migrants as active members of society.


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