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Richard Jefferson

Richard Jefferson is a prominent molecular biologist and plant scientist. He is changing traditional ideas about genetics and intellectual property, and revolutionizing the way in which molecular biologists are seen, as agents of social change. He is among the most cited authors in plant science, who once faced the tough decision of becoming a professional musician or scientist. He ultimately chose science but constantly questions his sanity in doing so instead of juggling, playing the guitar and mandolin, or performing comedy. He is the Founder of Cambia and current Chief Executive Officer of The Lens.

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The Lens

The Lens is building an open platform for innovation cartography. Specifically, the Lens serves nearly all of the patent documents in the world as open, annotatable digital public goods that are integrated with scholarly and technical literature along with regulatory and business data. The Lens will allow document collections, aggregations and analyses to be shared, annotated and embedded to forge the open mapping of the world of knowledge-directed innovation. Ultimately, this will restore the role of the patent system as a teaching resource to inspire and inform entrepreneurs, citizens and policy-makers.


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