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Roberta Faria

I’m co-founder and co-executive director at Editora MOL, a social impact publishing house from Brazil that created the concept of socieditorial projects: we print inspiring content – magazines, books, calendars, tabletop games and much more – and sell it for below-the-market prices in big retailers, donating part of the revenue to non-profits that fight for major causes.

Since 2008, MOL has sold more than 20 millions units, donating more than R$ 39 million to more than 100 non-profits, becoming the largest social impact publishing house in the world.

MOL is also a certified B Corporation, classified as Best For The World (2019), a certified Great Place To Work and a member of the Conscious Capitalism movement in Brazil. Because of accomplishments like these, we became winners, in 2018, of the Social Entrepreneur of the Year, prize awarded by the major Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo, along with the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.

At MOL, I am responsible for the production of all projects, from partnership prospection and business model development to content creation and sales marketing, all while managing the day by day demands of a social business. I’m a bestseller author too, with more than 500.000 non-fiction books sold, all of them sold by Editora MOL. I’m also a TED speaker (TEDxSaoPaulo, TEDxAmazonia, TEDWomen) and an activist for a giving culture.

I’m graduated in Journalism at UFSC (Brazil). I live in São Paulo with my beloved husband and our amazing children, two fierce girls and two beautiful twin baby boys. I’m passionate about motherhood, food, books, trees and listening to people’s life stories.

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Editora Mol

Mol is a social impact publisher that develops printed materials —magazines, books, calendars, guides— at below-market prices, and directs parts of its revenue to social organizations in Brazil. Its publications always have positive and engaging content, with real-life success stories and a focus on journalism for citizenship, the promotion of human rights and quality of life.

Created in 2007 in São Paulo, the publisher uses the power of retail to distribute its products. It has partnerships with large chains that sell its publications to the final consumer. Through the business volume and capillarity of retailers, it fosters the culture of giving in Brazil.

Through individual micro-donations, the consumer purchases content and contributes to an institution, a cause. Furthermore, Mol clearly presents to the client the destination of the donated amount. Each book or magazine contains information about production costs, taxes and the percentage donated to the selected organizations. There are currently 18 registered titles, with prices ranging from R$ 4.20 to R$ 7.20 (USD 1.09 to USD 1.86), and seven active projects, with partners DrogaRaia, Drogasil, Ri Happy, Pandora, Petz, PB Kids and Óticas Carol. The longest-running and most successful partnership is with DrogaRaia, a drugstore chain, which distributes magazine Sorria. With a bimonthly circulation of 240,000 copies, the publication is Brazil‘s best-seller today. With Sorria alone, since its release in March of 2008, more than R$ 14 million (USD 3.63 million) have been donated to Graacc (Support Group for Adolescents and Children with Cancer), and approximately R$ 5 million (USD 1.29 million) to Ayrton Senna Institute.

On the market for ten years, the publishing house has printed 13 million copies and donated more than R$ 25 million (USD 6.48 million to 39 institutions that work for several causes such as healthcare, female empowerment, education and the environment. Mol was founded by business administrator Rodrigo Pipponzi and journalist Roberta Faria. They now have three other partners: architect Cláudia Inoue, Mol‘s creative director, and journalists Dilson Branco, editorial director, and Artur Louback, operations director. They also count with the support of a team of 18 collaborators.


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