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Säbeen Fatima Haque

Säbeen Haque is the co-founder and Executive Director of doctHERs, an innovative healthcare platform in Pakistan that connects female doctors to millions of under-served patients using digital technology. The online marketplace helps reintegrate women medical practitioners into the workforce and empowers marginalized communities by circumventing sociocultural barriers that can restrict access to healthcare. Säbeen was previously Country Director for Ashoka and Advisor to the US-Pakistani Women’s Council. An alumna of INSEAD and Harvard Kennedy School, she launched a boutique consultancy in 2014 focused on women-centric projects.

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doctHERs reintegrates women healthcare providers (HCPs) who have been excluded from the workforce by using a digital health platform that matches the under-used capacity of remotely located women doctors (who work from home) to the unmet needs of health seekers. doctHERs trains and equips 4G-wifi tablet-enabled frontline health workers who are women and deploys them in factories and underserved communities where they serve as trusted intermediaries, connecting beneficiaries to a global network of licensed healthcare providers who are women (doctors, pharmacists, therapists and nutritionists).


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