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Sabine Zink Bolonhini

Sabine Zink Bolonhini is a social entrepreneur who co-founded and now leads SAS Brasil as its CEO. Sabine holds both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from UNICAMP and has crafted a career focused on human development, delivering leadership training in major corporations.
She is passionate about people and impact initiatives capable of transforming societies. These passions led her to cofound SAS Brasil in 2013, together with Adriana Mallet. The organization received national and international recognition for its innovative approaches in healthcare, significantly expanding access for vulnerable populations, particularly in specialized care. The organization was notably active during the pandemic, developing numerous models and processes for care that are now benchmarks for digital health in Brazil. As CEO, Sabine Bolonhini continues to steer SAS Brasil through phases of growth and scale, broadening its impact through strategic partnerships and dissemination of its operational model. Among the strategic partners is UNICAMP, the country's second-largest university, which has entered into a partnership to implement a Living Lab. This is the first laboratory in Brazil focused on research, teaching, and innovation in digital health with initiatives of social impact. This effort is a step towards broader healthcare accessibility and innovation, and also to train the future generation of healthcare professionals in digital health skills and knowledge, as well as social awareness.

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SAS Brasil

SAS Brasil is a non-profit and itinerant Brazilian social organization that believes in technology and invests in health innovation. It brings specialized and quality healthcare, with amusement, to those who need them most, on short and high-impact expeditions that travel all the way to poor municipalities, leaving a positive and lasting legacy among local populations.


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