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Sarah Mavrinac

AB, Brown University; MSc, London School of Economics; Doctorate, Harvard Business School. 1996-2000, Faculty Member, Richard Ivey School of Business; 2000-06, Faculty Member, INSEAD; Academic Sponsor, Women's Forum, INSEAD; Academic Sponsor, Education Summits, Citigroup and INSEAD; Founding Executive Director, Financial Education Exchange, Citigroup and INSEAD. 2006, Founder and until 2011, President, aidha. Since 2012: President, Cieo; Non-Executive Director, Uberis Capital; Founder, Yonggo.

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Cieo is an independent think tank run by a small team of academics and authors. Politics has changed. Old distinctions between left and right mean little today. Traditional party loyalties no longer hold sway with the electorate. Today’s political divide is not between left and right but between experts and the masses, between a woke cultural elite and regular citizens. Old frameworks are of little use in making sense of this new landscape. New ideas, new analysis and new thinking are needed. This is where Cieo comes in.

At Cieo, we are firmly on the side of the people. We publish original essays, reports and analysis designed to celebrate humanity’s potential. Everything we write is linked by one common theme: an insistence that people be allowed to exercise ever greater influence over their own lives and communities.


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