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Shaikh Saif Al Rashid

Saif Rashid is the Founder and Managing Director of Apon Wellbeing Ltd., an inclusive business dedicated to improving the economic status of 4.2 million working people (especially in the apparel sector) and their families in Bangladesh. Apon improves their earning and creates access to cash health insurance. Formerly, Saif initiated and managed Jita Social Business Bangladesh Ltd. He was named as YGAP (Spring and Build Bangladesh) Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 and a Fabric of Change Fellow 2017. Over the last few years, Saif has been relentless in his entrepreneurial pursuit to identify the right equation for women's empowerment, scale and sustainability. His transformational business models and social business initiatives have been highlighted in SSIR,, The Guardian, Forbes, The Economist and various blogs and by different business journals at Oxford University, DFID and Business Innovation Facilities etc.

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For-profit Social Enterprise
Cities and Urbanization; Insurance; Bangladesh; Future of Work
Areas of Impact
South Asia, Bangladesh


APON believes that all full-time workers should receive a living wage. APON aims to increase the real income of workers by reducing their costs by setting up shops inside or outside factories, selling food and other disposables to workers at up to 10% discount from the market. Each purchase from the shop earns a worker points that accumulate on their APON account. With 200 points, the worker gains access to zero-cash health coverage – providing free medical diagnoses and prescriptions from a doctor – and life insurance coverage of up to $500. Apon thus ensures worker well-being through increased real income and by lowering health costs.


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