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Shanti Raghavan

Shanti Raghavan is a social entrepreneur who celebrates the human spirit every day through the work done by Enable India and collectives where persons with disability have become active citizens and change makers. Shanti is a Scwab Social Innovator 2020 and an Ashoka Fellow.
She is pioneering new work models for the future of work in a post covid world. Her work in disability has provided her a unique lens on leadership which has led to coining a new word - "Includability" to define the competency that leaders need to have to work with any kind of "difference". The Includability Quotient is as important as IQ and EQ especially in the post covid world.
Enable India has impacted 220000 stakeholders across 28 states in India and was born in 1999 after Shanti's experience with her brother becoming blind at the age of 15. She has rich grassroots experience of 20+ years in the field. Enable India has helped change the mindset of businesses and government agencies, has built models and frameworks for inclusion, and has built collectives to scale across the country and world.
Shanti is , a National Award Winner, and a governing council member of the Skills Council for Persons with Disability (SCPwD), Board of Workability International. She was identified by Business Today as one of the Most Powerful Women in Business in 2017. She's also the winner of Times Now Global Amazing Indian Award, NCPEDP Shell Helen Keller Award, and the Zero Project award for Innovative Practice. She holds MS in Computer Science, USA, and 12 years of experience in the software industry.

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Enable India

EnAble India helps people with disabilities become economically independent and financially productive by offering them work-related experience, preparing them for industry and providing them with networks and contacts as well as important workplace skills in addition. The organization has expanded its reach through programs like “The Valuable 500”, which was launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2019. This is dedicated to placing disability inclusion on the business leadership agenda. It mandates EnAble India to pull corporates into a global movement to help bring about systemic change by unlocking the business, social and economic value of about 1.3 billion people living with disabilities around the world. 

EnAble India has partnered with over 700 companies and 200 NGOs, as well as national universities to implement programs. The organization has built an Indian ecosystem of skilling, employment and entrepreneurship for persons with disabilities through technology innovations, breakthroughs in skill training, new workplace solutions and behavior change tools. EnAble India was awarded the prestigious GuideStar India Transparency Key award for 2019.