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Sharanjeet Shan

Born in India, thrown out of home and country in an honour killing, educated in England, Sharanjeet Shan has lived in South Africa for 23 years. An educator at heart, Sharanjeet worked in England for 30 years teaching maths and science, rising through the ranks to various management positions, including that of education inspector. She was invited to lead Maths Centre in 1995, transforming a small and struggling project into the widely respected institution it is today. Constantly seeking anti-poverty solutions, Sharanjeet is committed to serving children and young people into the fourth Industrial revolution, promoting critical and creative thinking through STEM subjects at all levels of schooling. Maths Centre conducts advocacy campaigns for parents, business, industry, children with disabilities and promotes language connections. Sharanjeet holds a Masters in Social Science, studies brain function, children's inherited disorders and quantum physics.

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Maths Centre
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Hybrid Social Enterprise
Information Technology; Education, Skills and Learning; Entrepreneurship
South Africa
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Maths Centre

Maths Centre, an NGO created in 1985, aims to promote teacher and learner development in disadvantaged schools, which form roughly 80% of South Africa's schools. Its mission is to provide high-impact support to the South African education system using proven methods and resources in order to develop effective teachers and promote measureable improvements in learner performance in maths, science and technology. Its organizational aims, outcomes, indicators and outputs are formulated in line with South Africa’s current national development plan for implementation of the curriculum in maths, science, technology, accounting, early childhood development and entrepreneurship education.

Young people from disadvantaged communities are supported, guided and mentored to gain access to higher learning, all the way through grade 12 as well as in technical and vocational education and training colleges. Maths Centre also works with engineering training institutions to create artisanal training opportunities for out-of-school youths by correcting their achievement levels in STEM subjects.

Maths Centre’s aims are to: enhance teacher qualifications, competencies and professionalism in a whole-school context through an intensive classroom, workshop-based and needs-based programme and a focussed turnaround strategy; demonstrably enhance learner performance through systematic monitoring of learner progression, advocacy campaigns and focussed turnaround strategies; provide bridging courses for skills development for out-of-school youths in TVET colleges and informal businesses within the domain of entrepreneurship education, artisans courses, ensuring that youths from disadvantaged communities are ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Audited pro bono by Deloitte, Maths Centre is a Level 1 Black Broad Base Economic Empowerment service provider and is accredited by South Africa’s Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority.


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