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Sugianto Tandio

Bachelor’s and Master’s in Electrical Engineering, USA. Has worked as a Senior Engineer at 3M in the USA. Founded Greenhope to help tackle UN Sustainable Development Goals 12: Sustainable Consumption and Production, starting with the plastic consumption.

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For-profit Social Enterprise
Advanced Materials; Circular Economy; Sustainable Development; Social Innovation
Areas of Impact
ASEAN, North America, Africa, Latin America, Singapore, South Africa, Viet Nam, USA, Thailand, Colombia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia


Greenhope promotes a zero tolerance mindset for designing plastic to last beyond its useful life cycle. Its goal is to create packaging products from renewable resources with lower carbon footprint and lower energy consumption than the market alternatives. At the same time, these products should build a value-added industry in Indonesia, and the raw materials should be sourced from small and medium farming cooperatives to increase the income of the poor.

In working toward this goal, Greenhope has brought to market two innovations in affordable biodegradable and degradable plastic for social and environmental impact: OXIUM and ECOPLAS, available as an additive and resin are used in finished products which include shopping bags, packaging, lunch boxes, re-useable totes, and coat hangers. OXIUM is an additive that catalyzes degradation in plastic. For example, a standard plastic shopping bag with OXIUM begins to break down in two years eventually becoming bio available at a molecular level. OXIUM is priced to be only 2-5% more expensive than traditional plastic. Positioned for mass market adoption, OXIUM, within 2 years, has captured more than 90% of Indonesia’s modern markets and convenience stores using plastic shopping bags.

The second innovative product is ECOPLAS, a bio-degradable polymer made from tapioca. ECOPLAS can be made into blown film or injection molded products, and is the first “Fair for Life” certified bio plastic in the world. Certified by the IMO for Fair for Life, Greenhope is the only bio plastic producer with the ability to make a Fair Trade claim.

Greenhope’s continues to open and penetrate additional markets, including South China, Philippines, Mexico, Malaysia and South Africa with its bio plastic solutions. Greenhope is also working with governments to shape environmental policies incentivizing the adoption of degradable and biodegradable plastics. In the future, the company hopes to become active in the carbon credit markets.


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