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Thorkil Sonne

I believe in a world that is fair and square for everyone.

This is not the case today for one out of five people in any part of the world who are neurodistinct (often with diagnoses such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia) and feel like the square pegs not fitting into systems.

Our ambition is to inspire companies to drive neurodiversity in minds and systems in workplaces, schools, communities and governments in markets across the world.

Square Foundation is working with
• Promoting and driving awareness initiatives and knowledge sharing around neurodistinct individuals’ experiences.
• Establishing a strong presence as a thought-leader and enabler in the ecosystem for all individuals and groups,
• Challenging existing barriers, bringing mindset change to impact the system.

Square Foundation is achieving this through
• Creating a forum and space for exchange of experiences and ideas to create understanding and destigmatising.
• Highlighting and sharing personal stories to connect with people, nourishing creativity and collaboration.
• Leveraging stakeholders and their networks to create a momentum and readiness for change.

To prove that autistic people in inclusive setting can perform in competitive and meaningful jobs I founded Specialisterne in 2004 and Square Foundation in 2008 as a not-for-profit organisation to replicate the employment concept. In 2023 the ownership was transferred to Specialisterne Global who will continue to develop the concept while Square Foundation will focus on removing the root causes for the lack of inclusion.
Square Foundation builds on a legacy from two decades as thought leaders in neurodiversity in workplaces and communities with Specialisterne as proof of concept. We estimate that more than 20.000 jobs have been enabled through Specialisterne in twenty-six countries and hundreds of companies who have been inspired or trained by Specialisterne across the world.

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Areas of Impact

Specialisterne Foundation

Specialisterne Foundation is broadening perceptions of normality and providing a neglected population with the tools to be active, independent contributors. The Specialisterne model capitalizes on the unique characteristics of autistic/neuro-diverse people and turns them into competitive advantages. 

Competing according to the terms of the market, Specialisterne is bridging the autism community and business world in an unprecedented way: providing employment in an inclusive work environment for neuro-diverse people who have the required skills. The IT sector has been its first focus, with services provided within software testing, data entry, quality control and logistics, where consultants can perform valuable services at or above market rates. Specialisterne is now moving into other businesses, such as health, pharmaceuticals, agro and finance, where attention to detail, high work morale and precision can make a difference.


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