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Tim Hanstad

As a long-time, award-winning social entrepreneur and NGO leader, Tim Hanstad is now a leading voice and practitioner on how philanthropy can change to create more systemic impact. He is a proven strategic leader with a deep, demonstrated commitment to inclusivity, social justice, and a shared prosperity. Tim previously co-founded and was the longtime CEO of Landesa, a Top-10 Global NGO. He led Landesa’s growth from a 2-person operation to the #1-ranked human rights NGO in the world. He was the long-time CEO of Landesa and now serves on its board of directors. Tim Hanstad transitioned to the role of Vice Chair of the Board of Directors at Chandler Foundation in October 2023 after serving as CEO of the Foundation for five years.

Tim is a 2008 Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur Awardee and a 2012 Skoll Social Entrepreneur Awardee. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Huffington Post and beyond. Tim is the proud spouse of Chitra and a father to four wonderful and inspiring adult children.

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Landesa champions and works to secure land rights for millions of the world's poorest – mostly rural women and men – in order to provide opportunity and promote social justice. It envisions a world free of poverty. It is committed to a future in which all women and men who depend on land for their livelihoods have secure, legal land rights – one of the most powerful tools for lifting individuals, their families and their communities out of poverty. 

Three-quarters of the world's poorest people live in rural areas where land is a key asset. Of those people, more than 1 billion lack legal rights over the land they use to survive, causing entrenched poverty cycles to persist over generations. Landesa works to advance durable land rights to bring transformational changes on a large scale. Secure land rights help create a stable foundation for other important development work – such as literacy, clean water and nutrition – to take hold for generations.

Landesa works at scale to create opportunities for the world's poorest to help them lift themselves out of poverty. It does this by working side by side with governments and other organizations to strengthen land rights for the landless poor – those 400 million women and 250 million men who lack either access to land or a secure stake in the land they farm. Its process includes: initial assessments to identify existing laws, policies and cultural conditions; collaboration with public officials to adopt pro-poor land policies; assisting in the implementation of new laws to benefit landless women and men; monitoring and evaluating impact. Landesa is committed to achieving these outcomes through systemic change and an emphasis on gender equality.


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