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Tristan Lecomte☆

Tristan Lecomte is the Founder of Pur Projet, specialized in developing agroforestry insetting projects including offsetting the socio-environmental footprint of a product or company within its own supply chain and core business via agroforestry and agro-ecological practices. Tristan is the author of various books and the director of several films on sustainability. Tristan is also the Co-Founder of the International Platform for Insetting, a multi-stakeholders platform of companies and NGOs engaged in the promotion of Insetting via a certification standard and a blockchain registry.

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Pur Projet
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For-profit Social Enterprise
Agriculture, Food and Beverage; Climate Change; Forests
Areas of Impact
Europe, Latin America, Africa, South Asia, Thailand, Brazil, Ghana, Malaysia, Lao PDR, India, Niger, Philippines, Peru

Pur Projet

Pur Projet develops large-scale agroforestry, reforestation and forest conservation projects with small-scale fair trade and organic farmers and is experienced in finding partners willing to fund such projects through the sale of environmental services such as “tree certificates” or carbon credits (VERs) to private and public organizations.

Multinational companies are the Pur Projet’s major clients, but instead of working to simply offset corporations’ emissions, Pur Projet’s innovation is to “inset” strategies for environmental conservation within their supply chains, products and services. "Insetting" brings in environmental and social innovation, and creates value – for the organizations themselves, local populations and the planet. The local activities developed are diverse: tree plantations, development of community trees nurseries, inventory of fauna and flora, permaculture, low-carbon agricultural practices, ecotourism on the edge of forests, the development of socio-environmental activities. These activities are implemented by small-scale farmer organizations, village associations, or indigenous communities.

For example, Pur Projet worked with Accor Hotels to design a programme to improve the environmental sustainability of its operations. Part of the programme included encouraging hotel guests to reuse hotel room towels in order to save water. Money saved from reduced water use funded an agroforestry project to plant 1 million trees. Pur Projet’s team worked directly with small cooperative farmers to plant and maintain the trees.


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