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Vladimir Delagneau Barquero

Vladimir Delagneau Barquero’s desire to address rural electricity access began in 1986 when he was 18 years-old. While serving in the army he experienced the challenges of living in an isolated community without electricity, relying only on kerosene and a diesel generator. As the member of his squad responsible for radio communications, he acquired a small solar panel to charge radio batteries. The impact of the technology on his work left a lasting impression. After his army service he returned to school with a new-found commitment to help Nicaragua’s rural poor. He obtained a scholarship to study solar energy in Germany and then returned to Nicaragua and founded Tecnosol. Currently he is the President of ANPPER, the Renewable Energy Association in Nicaragua.

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Tecnosolucion SA (TECNOSOL)
For-profit Social Enterprise
Retail, Consumer Goods and Lifestyle; Electricity
Areas of Impact
Latin America, El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua

Tecnosolucion SA (TECNOSOL)

Since 1998, Tecnosol has worked to improve access to electricity in rural areas of Nicaragua. It offers customers a range of products, including lighting systems, solar-powered refrigeration, water pumping systems, wind and hydro-electric systems, that range in price from $250 to $2,500. To help customers finance their systems, Tecnosol works with local microfinance institutions. Often these systems lead to increased income generation for customers, i.e. a shop keeper with a refrigeration system can store meat and produce to sell throughout the week, and farmers can increase crop yields using a solar-powered water pumping system.

So far, Tecnosol has installed +50,000 photovoltaic systems in Nicaragua. Tecnosol has developed a business model that includes import, storage, distribution, retail and after-sale service, that emphasizes quality and customer service at each stage of the business chain. Excellent quality is essential to facilitate the adoption of unfamiliar technology with an often sceptical customer group.

Tecnosol goes to great lengths to reach its customers, even in areas where the only access is on horseback. This commitment is part of Tecnosol’s mission to bring solutions, hope and improved well-being to its clients. Relying on a chain of 15 stores in Nicaragua and offices in El Salvador and Panama, Tecnosol aims to expand strategically throughout the region to better reach and serve customers.


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