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Wendy Kopp

Wendy Kopp is CEO and Co-founder of Teach For All, a global network of independent organizations in 61 countries across every region of the world that are working to develop collective leadership to ensure all children have the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Prior to launching Teach For All in 2007, Wendy founded and led Teach For America – which has proven to be an unparalleled source of long-term leadership for expanding opportunity in the United States. She led the development of Teach For All to be responsive to the initiative of social entrepreneurs around the world who were determined to adapt this approach in their own countries. Wendy holds a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University as well as honorary doctorate degrees from 15 universities. She has been recognized with numerous awards including the Wise Prize for Education, the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship and the Schwab Foundation’s Outstanding Social Entrepreneur Award.

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Teach For All
Hybrid Social Enterprise
Education; Values
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ASEAN, Australasia & Oceania, Greater China, Japan, North America, South Asia, Europe, Middle East & North Africa, Africa

Teach For All

Teach For All exists to address global educational needs and enable students to realize their full potential. A child’s background often determines their educational and life prospects. Poverty, discrimination, social mobility and political structures create challenges for students, and in certain cases, entire societies. Many school systems lack the capacity to help students attain a quality education, and prevailing beliefs have not led to the necessary policy investments to address these issues.

Teach For All supports a network of partner organizations that are growing leaders within their countries to ensure all children have access to an excellent education. These network organizations are enlisting outstanding university graduates to commit two years to teach in areas of educational need; providing significant training and ongoing support to enable these teaching participants to succeed with students; and fostering a community of alumni who become leaders in the classroom and education, to effect the fundamental changes necessary to ensure educational opportunity for all.

In fiscal year 2012 alone, the Teach For All network will collectively field more than 14,000 teachers who will impact the lives of nearly one million students. Meanwhile, a force of roughly 26,000 alumni are now serving as advocates for educational equity, working from across professional sectors to ensure all children have the educational opportunities they deserve.


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