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Yves Moury

Yves Moury is the Founder and CEO of Fundación Capital, a nonprofit social enterprise working to improve the financial lives of people living in poverty around the world. He has received numerous international accolades for his work as a social entrepreneur, including from the Skoll and Schwab Foundations and Ashoka. He has spent many years working on the ground with low-income families throughout Africa and Latin America, and applies a wealth of expertise in finance, banking, development economics, anthropology and sociology in his work. He is a trained economist and management engineer from the University of Louvain in Belgium.

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Fundación Capital - FundaK
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Hybrid Social Enterprise
Innovation; Inclusive Growth Framework; The Digital Economy; Social Protection; Economic Progress; Agile Governance; Social Innovation
Areas of Impact
Africa, Latin America, Togo, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras, Gambia, Costa Rica, Namibia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Chile, Peru, Guatemala

Fundación Capital - FundaK

Ingrained problems of poverty and inequality will not be solved through economic growth, social businesses or government efforts alone. They require a systems approach; one that engages relevant actors from the private, public and civil society sectors, and builds lasting solutions with them through co-creation and in partnership.

Fundación Capital sits at the crossroads of this systems change. A hybrid international non-profit organization founded in 2009, Fundación Capital’s mission is to advance economic citizenship globally and at scale. The organization is a pioneer in inclusive finance and a testing ground for innovation in asset-building, working to eliminate poverty by expanding access to capital, information, training, and productive opportunities. By aligning public policy, market mechanisms, and advances in digital technology, Fundación Capital enables millions of families to meet their ambitions and decide for themselves how to manage, grow and invest their scarce resources, creating their own pathways out of poverty.

Leveraging lessons from the field, aligning key players and new ideas, Fundación Capital co-creates innovative and scalable solutions that advance productive and financial inclusion among those living in poverty, particularly women and youth. The organization helps them access relevant and useful financial products and services, build and enhance their financial and other assets, and ultimately improve their lives and livelihoods.

Fundación Capital is working in 18 countries across Latin America, Africa and Asia and in partnership with more than 60 public institutions, private companies and civil society organizations. Over the last decade, it has supported the inclusion of more than 5 million low-income individuals by making public policies more inclusive and effective, and engaging private sector partners in this market niche. It has also directly supported the livelihoods of families through its programmes on the ground and made important strides in leveraging technological innovations to create cost-effective digital products and services. The organization has received international awards, including the Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2017), the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship (2014), USAID’s Million Lives Club (2017), and the Ashoka Senior Fellowship (2017).


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