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Zeinab Al Momany

Zeinab Momany established the Specific Union for Farmer Women in 2007 in Jordan, which is the first union of its kind in the Arab World and now contains 22 women organizations and 5000 members. In 2009, Zeinab became an ASHOKA fellow and a social entrepreneur with Synergos. In 2012, she established the first network for Arab women farmers in the Arab countries. Zeinab has focussed her work on economical empowerment and fighting for the rights of women farmers in Jordan and the Arab World to change systems and laws for women farmers.

For-profit Social Enterprise
Agriculture, Food and Beverage; Gender Inequality; Entrepreneurship
Areas of Impact
Middle East & North Africa, Jordan

Sakhrah Women's Society Cooperative

Established in 2007, Sakhrah Women's Society Cooperative is the first union of its kind in Jordan and the Arab World. It brings together 22 women’s organizations and 5,000 members. Sakhrah Women's Society Cooperative is working on capacity building for small agricultural organizations through two programmes that assess their needs, build their capacity and empower them, and provide microfinance to broaden their business skills. It has fought for the rights of women farmers through a project covering both Jordan and the rest of the Arab world.

Its impacts include: increasing the number of women who own land, equality in wages between women and men farmers, free health insurance and social insurance. The project has brought leadership capacities to 120 women farmers, provided health insurance for 578 poor farmer families, trained 7,000 women and girls farmers, and provided microfinance loans to 800 women and girls. Sakhrah Women's Society Cooperative has 38 staff and 200 volunteers.


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