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The Global Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship is the largest multi-stakeholder coalition in the sector hosted by an international organisation. The Alliance and its 100 members - corporations, investors, philanthropists, governments, researchers, media, and industry actors are uniquely positioned to contribute to the wider efforts of strengthening the social innovation ecosystem through public and corporate engagement and building collective action and networks.

In April 2020, formerly known as the COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs, was co-founded by the Schwab Foundation together with Ashoka, GHR Foundation, Skoll Foundation and Yunus Social Business in response to the devastating effects of the pandemic.

The Global Alliance and its members work in support of 100,000 social entrepreneurs around the world, who in turn, have a direct or indirect impact on the lives of around 2 billion people.

Together, they have worked to provide access to critical services and emergency relief during the pandemic and make a tangible impact on creating an inclusive and sustainable world where no one is left behind.