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Selection criteria

For 20 years, the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship – the sister organization of the World Economic Forum – has fostered social entrepreneurship worldwide by highlighting leading social innovation models to top decision-makers in business and government.

We need social innovation practices diffused within every sector for just, sustainable and equitable solutions to be adopted that ensure our institutions and systems better serve society and the planet.

To recognize the diversity of the social innovation models across multiple stakeholder groups and to further stimulate public-private impact collaborations, the Schwab Foundation now awards social innovators across four categories:

  • Social Entrepreneurs of the Year
  • Corporate Social Intrapreneurs of the Year
  • Public Social Intrapreneurs of the Year
  • Social Innovation Thought Leaders of the Year

You can learn more about each category and the eligibility criteria here.

Please note that the Schwab Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications for all award categories. We rely on a referral and nominations process from our global network of experts, partner institutions, and World Economic Forum constituents and business members.