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The Social Innovation Awards

The Schwab Foundation’s 2025 Awards seeks to honour social change leaders, across a diversity of social innovation models in society in four different award categories:

  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • Corporate Social Innovators
  • Public Social Innovators
  • Collective Social Innovation Award

The Schwab Foundation recently incorporated a new award category, the Collective Social Innovation Award, to recognise evolving systemic approaches to social change. Inspired by the collective approaches developed by social entrepreneurs over the years, collectives are groups or networks of organisations committed to addressing a bigger problem than what an individual organization can take on and best suited to achieving large scale, system-level change.

Please note that the Schwab Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications and instead relies on a referral and nominations process sourced from a global network of social innovation experts and partner institutions.

Who are we looking for?

Leaders, social and environmental change models and initiatives that have a primary emphasis on vulnerable, excluded or marginalized populations and their natural ecosystems.

  • That stand out for their creative and unique way of addressing the issues.
  • Whose work is already well established and has proven its impact.
  • With a systemic lens to tackle the root of the problems instead of an isolated issue.
  • That both drives and considers the environmental impact of its activities.
  • That embraces diversity and inclusion in its governance, strategies and practices.
  • Whose work leverages technology to amplify and accelerate impact.

The selection journey

16 January 2024

Nomination opens

4 March 2024

Last day for nominations, followed by initial screening

April - May 2024

Successful nominees are invited to submit a detailed application of their work

June 2024

Successful applicants are invited to participate in an interview

July - August 2024

Final internal assessment

September 2024

Finalists are presented to the Schwab Foundation's Board for their decision

October - December 2024

Successful candidates' on-boarding

January 2025

Awards announcement at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting