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Two Decades of Impact: How Social Entrepreneurs Have Improved 622 Million Lives

The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship launched its 2020 Impact Report which showcases the collective impact of the Schwab Foundation social entrepreneur community.

  • The community has improved the lives of more than 622 million people in 190 countries;
  • Distributed $6.7 billion in loans or value of products and services to improve livelihoods;
  • Mitigated more than 192 million tonnes of CO2;
  • Improved education for more than 226 million children and youth;
  • Improved energy access for 100 million people; and
  • Driven social inclusion for over 25 million people for people with disabilities, homelessness or refugee status.

This report challenges the notion that models of social innovation can be dismissed as small, isolated islands of success amidst our overwhelming global challenges. Consider the combined capability of all social innovators in the world, those recognized in networks like the Schwab Foundation, and the hundreds of thousands that exist in local communities around the world.

— Hilde Schwab, Co-Founder and Chairperson of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship, as an organizational expression of social innovation, is the demonstration of alternative working models as we face the current challenges to our planet, our societies, and our economies. By having a mission to engage all stakeholders in the creation of social and economic value, social entrepreneurs have proven how all stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, local communities and the environment – can benefit. It is a clear demonstration that stakeholder capitalism can indeed work and that systems can change.

Download the 2020 Schwab Foundation Impact Report here.