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Angela Gichaga

An impact oriented Pan-African focused on public sector strengthening on health financing, to support high quality, at scale, resilient primary health systems, starting at the last mile. She supports governments to commit domestic resources which catalyzes and leverages private and social sector resources to ensure health systems are politically, programmatically and financially sustainable over time. She supports creation of economic opportunities for thousands of African community health workers, majority of whom are women, youth and from marginalized or rural communities.

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Areas of Impact

Financing Alliance for Health

The Financing Alliance helps governments design and fund ambitious, affordable, and at-scale community health programmes, including by finding innovative financing pathways and investment opportunities that use the private sector. While primarily focused on financing, this team has technical expertise, helping countries design more efficient and effective systems. Through in-country secondments and long-term support, the Financing Alliance stands shoulder to shoulder with ministry of health and ministry of finance managers, helping them develop strategies and financing options.


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